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Music that Follows the Path of Least Resistance

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Christopher (left) and Nico looking to spend money at Game Stop. (July 19, 2019)

July 31, 2019

Listening to music that was a soundtrack to some of the moments of my youth means more to me now that I’m older, then what the songs did for me back in my youth.  Which is ironic, since music usually shapes your life into who you are today.  I am always searching for a song that will take my stress down the path of the least resistance.    

I wish I could say that my mixed tape of music taste reminded me of a rebellious past, but the music is a reminder of events and places.  For instance, if you have been to Rome and the sense of smell remind you of the fine foods on an evening stroll past the Fountain Trevi.   

I don’t think that many people would hear Rockwell’s song, Someone’s Watching Me, and think “yes, big on my memory list.”  But for me it was the song I sang in the top bunk of my bed during the talent contests my 2 brothers and I had right before we fell asleep. 

When Sweet Freedom, by Michael McDonald comes on and I am immediately taken back to 1986 where my dad took me to the movies for $3.00 movie night.   We watched Running Scared together featuring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.  A song that was attached to the flick.

Then there is Borderline by Madonna.  I was so young with no idea who Madonna was but I thought she was beautiful and her clothes outrageous and I thought of my sister.  Our local radio station was at the Home Depot promoting Madonna’s album by playing her music and giving away her new LP.  I ran home so excited to give it to my sister only to be told by her that She’s “a Cyndi Lauper fan.”

Phil Collins song, In the Air Tonight conjures up our trips to the flea market.  The sing was a staple in that famous Miami Vice scene during the pilot episode.  Every Sunday we would there and I remember seeing Miami Vice regalia everywhere.

Music isn’t only a celebration of my youth.  It is a celebration of my entire family.  Most of these songs came out during a time when death didn’t affect my family.  Everyone I have ever known, or loved, was a live, well, and living their life as a mother, father, son, daughter, or friend. 

I wish music spoke to me like it does now.  The first album I really enjoyed.  And know almost ever lyric is Cracked Rear View by Hootie and the Blowfish.   There isn’t a whole lot of angst in that album that would touch people but Let Her Cry, Hold My Hand, Mama, Time, Goodbye, Hanna Jane, Hold My Hand, Only Wanna Be with You, Running From an Angel, Not Even the Trees, Drowning.  When someone asked what my favorite album was, I whispered Cracked Rear View.  Shy to say because it was Hootie and the Blowfish.  “I know every song.”  “As you should,” he said “ It’s your favorite album.”

Music I hear now attaches itself to moments I have with my kids.  The tone, beat and lyrics are better than a drug, and transcends beyond any feeling that I can imagine to this point.  And if time travel isn’t possible in the physical form.  Then these songs are for the ages and all I need to take me back to what was once a happy time and make me whole again. Peace of mind is what I strive for and Music finds the path of least resistance to regaining my sanity.  

What I imagine Captain Imperfecto looked like many years ago!
(Baby Blake. June 29, 2019 in Palm City, FL)

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