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Amity, an original short story series part I

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Christopher and Nico right after their fresh cuts. September 13, 2019

September 29, 2019

All my life I have been enamored by the movie, Jaws.  I watched it as a child and into adulthood.  Last year on a trip to Cuba I wrote a story about the town of Amity, post the shark attacks.  I hope I won't get in trouble for using the characters created by Peter Benchley but I have expounded on their lives with new characters related to them.  I enjoyed writing this story so much that I typed it on my note pad on my iPhone non stop for days in Havana, Cuba.  I would hate for this story to rot on my hard drive so I decided that this will be a series for my blog and my thousands of readers.  This is just the first one.  So, here it is, my story, Amity based on the novel Jaws.

Beneath the surface of the ocean lies an artifact that tells a story of the greatest shark tale that ever terrorized the sea.  The story is true and is greater than the fiction of  Moby Dick and more tragic than the Old Man and the Sea.  Forty-five years ago the fishing vessel, Orca, was sank by a largest great white shark anyone had ever seen.  

“25 (footer) with 3 tons on him.” Captain Quint said.

The Great White instilled fear like the boogieman into the minds of the people who lived on the tiny island of Amity.  Amity is an island off of Long Island, New York.  Mayor Larry Vaughn feared that the death caused by the enormous shark of 10-year-old Alex Kintner would stop the tourism industry in its track right before the big Memorial Day holiday.

“I’m only trying to say that Amity is a summer town.  We need summer dollars.” – Mayor Vaughn

So after the death of Alex Kitner and heeding the advice from the Chief of Police, Martin Brody and his expert from the Oceanographic Institute Matt Hooper, he got the town council to accept Captain Quinn’s bounty demand of $10,000.00.

“For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.” – Captain Quint

The town council wasn’t fond of Quint, but they knew his reputation as a hater of sharks that mercilessly tracked them down and killed them.   They would charter Captain Quint’s 42-foot fishing vessel, the Orca, and, with the help of the town police Chief Brody and Matt Hooper, would catch this man eating beast.  

“Well it’s my party, it’s my charter.” – Chief Brody

For 3 days Captain Quint, Chief Brody and Mr. Hooper went hunting this shark.  The great white was elusive and hope for the 3 were dwindling that they would ever find the shark that has been feeding on the tourists.  It was only after Chief Brody resumed his chumming duties that he saw the shark.  The fear in his eyes was chilling.  He knew they were over matched!

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."  - Chief Brody 

In the beginning there was excitement from Matt Hooper and Captain Quint.  One a lover of sharks and the other filled with hate.  But soon that excitement would end because they would soon realize this was no average shark.  One by one, the shark plucked them off the boat like a cunning hunter.  The first person off the boat was Matt Hooper.  He chose to go in the water, while in the safety of his shark cage in attempt to stab the shark with poison.  But he was able to escape prior to certain death


The only one to die on the Orca was Captain Quint, a man who ironically survived the torpedoing of his Navy ship, the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

“So, eleven hundred men went into the water, three hundred sixteen men come out, the sharks took the rest, June the 25, 1945… I'll never put on a life jacket again

Chief Brody was the last remaining soul of the ill-fated boat.  He took refuge inside the cabin watching the water rushing through the destroyed transom waiting for the boat to be submerged.  But the shark was smarter.  The shark launched its massive body into the port side of the boat.  The weight crushing the wood frame, smashing the port side windows and slid towards Chief Brody.  The sharks eyes were black and focused on its next kill.  Chief Brody reached for the compressed air tanks that Matt Hooper brought aboard.  He grabbed the large cylinder and shoved it in his mouth which made the shark back off. 

Chief Brody never faced a foe as ruthless as this shark.  Not even back in his NYPD days as a police officer.  Chief Brody donned a rifle and then climbed the crows nest of the Orca that jettison towards the sky.  His weight bowing it down in to the dark sea.  Chief refused to be part of the tales of the souls that disappeared into the ocean.

He took aim at the shark.  The dorsal fin acting as a guide:

BANG! – miss

Come on, come on, Chief said

BANG! – miss

Come on let me see the tank, let me see it- Chief Brody muttered


BANG!- hit!

The great white shark exploded! 

It isn’t exactly known where the Orca rests on the oceans floor anymore. Time and currents have covered most of her and moved the debris around. But there is a strong magnetism in a spot where parts of the boat were discovered years ago.  The latitude and longitude kept secret for decades.  It was only after there was a discovery of an uptick of sharks in the area that peaked the interest of shark enthusiast.  Which is unusual for the area since sharks don’t migrate there.  When the tourist boats went there the navigational systems and GPS was covered by a strange magnetic field creating chaotic readings.  Eventually residents of the island stopped providing day trips to the area.  Locals wanted the search for the boat to cease due to the mechanism of how the boat was sank and fear of all the sharks that were coming to that part of the sea which would cause their summer time dollars to recede.  Amity's true bread and butter.  

It was determined during a winter council meeting that the practice of shuttling gawkers and divers would stop by the next summer of 1984.  The one thing they could all agree on was that the best place for the boat and all its remains was to leave it all under the sea.  And all it's secrets rest in peace. 

But try as the town council might, to suppress the gossip, word had gotten out that sharks from all over the world were migrating to the site.   Most divers have used the uptick of sharks presence in the area as an indicator of where the Orca rests but since the presence of sharks have increased and many sharks have become aggressive most divers have not gone in the water to explore for the Orca any longer.  They mostly dive 30 miles to the south around another ship that was sank to be used as an artificial reef.

Locals, especially the town council, likened this type of talk, that sharks from around the globe were holding a vigil to the king of all sharks as a martyr who was killed by humans, only a fantasy like, Mermaids, the Kraken, and Davy Jones Locker.  A tale of the sea from sailors who sailed for months on end.  

The town council, the residents would rather keep the past in the museum they erected to honor of those who died so many years ago in that summer of 1975 and wish that most people would move on. 

Unfortunately, the towns wish was about to end and they were to be thrust into the forefront again.  


Captain Imperfecto and his new son, Blake at Chilis. September 22, 2019.

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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Life Unfiltered

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 Nico, Christopher and baby Blake enjoying the water 3 days before Hurricane Dorian was suppose to hit. August 30, 2019.

*This blog was written in a few hours. It started with a thought on the long drive home from work.

August 31, 2019

We walk together on the trail along the the shores of our favorite lake.  It’s a beautiful day.  The sky is a true blue. The sun glistens off the water casting a shimmering light off her hazel eyes.  The sight of her always makes my day truer than this moment.  This is our life unfiltered and without social media posts.  You can have your Instagram fallacy.

Holding her hand in my hand isn’t enough. Delving into her mind doesn’t bring her close enough to my soul. Inhaling the same air as her encapsulates me. Does she realize how much I need her?

I don’t give in to my feelings very often. I’m not much into vulnerability and I’d rather make up an excuse for the tears in my eyes rather then show weakness.  But I can’t fend her inquires off very good.  She knows how to read me and can decode the signals I’m giving off.  It feels so good to be known.

She needs a man not a child.  She knows that she has a man who takes care of her even though she is strong enough on her own.  We are a team.  We strive off each other.  She doesn’t go without and she knows she herself has emotions that wont go unrecognized by her man.  This guy understands her completely.

I won’t argue with her without cause.  Not to justify an argument between us but I will challenge her and she will challenge me so there’s a balance of compromise and admiration when one of us cede to the others point of view.  Our respect is mutual in order for our relationship to survive.  Just like our walks hand in hand.  So do our conversations.

Rumors and gossip like to run rampant on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because people enjoy running off at the mouth.   But their own lives are as fake as the pictures of happiness in their own posts.  The haters like to post their own lives of falsehoods whine judgement of ours. They needn’t worry about us because, while we see your post on social media, we chuckle while we live our best life off the grid.

People come and go in life and it is important that all of us share our precious time on those who want to enjoy life together.  It’s not worth fighting and bending over backwards for those who don’t want to engage but choose to seek and destroy joy.  But then it also isn’t worth time and energy to shut them out when they choose to come back into our world hat in hand.  We will allow them to come and go as much as they want, as long as we stay true to who we are, it won’t matter how they react to us in the future because in the end, our conscience that is clean.

While we walk around our favorite path near this lake, and realize down the path of life we will always marvel how this moment is ours a no one else’s so.  We are thankful God put us together.

It’s much better to live our best life rather than choosing one of our 100 selfies to post on social media just so our virtual friends will scroll quickly past and arbitrarily like our post.  You can have your digital path.  We choose to experience life, unfiltered.

Captain Imperfecto holding his breath until he gets his way. August 2019.

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Writers Note: New Blog Direction

August 31, 2019

Personal note:  It is time to move forward.  I love writing and will continue to do so however, it is time to blog about life, journeys, discoveries and my short stories.  My life isn't about blogging about my life recovering from the loss my wife and kids.  My blog is about life's stories or whatever thought comes my way.

I will always be Captain Imperefecto because I lead an imperfect life.  I want my stories to be different and fun.  I hope you will all choose to come with my down my new direction.  Thanks!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Music that Follows the Path of Least Resistance

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Christopher (left) and Nico looking to spend money at Game Stop. (July 19, 2019)

July 31, 2019

Listening to music that was a soundtrack to some of the moments of my youth means more to me now that I’m older, then what the songs did for me back in my youth.  Which is ironic, since music usually shapes your life into who you are today.  I am always searching for a song that will take my stress down the path of the least resistance.    

I wish I could say that my mixed tape of music taste reminded me of a rebellious past, but the music is a reminder of events and places.  For instance, if you have been to Rome and the sense of smell remind you of the fine foods on an evening stroll past the Fountain Trevi.   

I don’t think that many people would hear Rockwell’s song, Someone’s Watching Me, and think “yes, big on my memory list.”  But for me it was the song I sang in the top bunk of my bed during the talent contests my 2 brothers and I had right before we fell asleep. 

When Sweet Freedom, by Michael McDonald comes on and I am immediately taken back to 1986 where my dad took me to the movies for $3.00 movie night.   We watched Running Scared together featuring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.  A song that was attached to the flick.

Then there is Borderline by Madonna.  I was so young with no idea who Madonna was but I thought she was beautiful and her clothes outrageous and I thought of my sister.  Our local radio station was at the Home Depot promoting Madonna’s album by playing her music and giving away her new LP.  I ran home so excited to give it to my sister only to be told by her that She’s “a Cyndi Lauper fan.”

Phil Collins song, In the Air Tonight conjures up our trips to the flea market.  The sing was a staple in that famous Miami Vice scene during the pilot episode.  Every Sunday we would there and I remember seeing Miami Vice regalia everywhere.

Music isn’t only a celebration of my youth.  It is a celebration of my entire family.  Most of these songs came out during a time when death didn’t affect my family.  Everyone I have ever known, or loved, was a live, well, and living their life as a mother, father, son, daughter, or friend. 

I wish music spoke to me like it does now.  The first album I really enjoyed.  And know almost ever lyric is Cracked Rear View by Hootie and the Blowfish.   There isn’t a whole lot of angst in that album that would touch people but Let Her Cry, Hold My Hand, Mama, Time, Goodbye, Hanna Jane, Hold My Hand, Only Wanna Be with You, Running From an Angel, Not Even the Trees, Drowning.  When someone asked what my favorite album was, I whispered Cracked Rear View.  Shy to say because it was Hootie and the Blowfish.  “I know every song.”  “As you should,” he said “ It’s your favorite album.”

Music I hear now attaches itself to moments I have with my kids.  The tone, beat and lyrics are better than a drug, and transcends beyond any feeling that I can imagine to this point.  And if time travel isn’t possible in the physical form.  Then these songs are for the ages and all I need to take me back to what was once a happy time and make me whole again. Peace of mind is what I strive for and Music finds the path of least resistance to regaining my sanity.  

What I imagine Captain Imperfecto looked like many years ago!
(Baby Blake. June 29, 2019 in Palm City, FL)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Worthy of Her Love

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The family enjoying a lazy Saturday morning in bed. May 25, 2019

June 25, 2019

I have never thought a woman could love me as deeply as I have loved a woman. But that’s how deeply my woman loves me.

But how could this be? I’m told I’m a good man. Good heart. And that I am a great father who adores his kids, and a man who is a wonderful provider to his family. But why do I feel perplexed?

Whether I’m driving in my car, stopped at a red light, or simply on a long walk. I’ll take a moment and reflect about my situation. I tend to over analyze why I can be so difficult when I’m showered with attention from my love. Or when she affectionately cuddles up to me, I think at times, I’m not worthy of her love.

She should be present more often to see this smile when I think of her. How happy she would be to be included in my vulnerable moments. And it seems, no matter how many times I tell myself, I still don’t heed my own advice, to just allow her to penetrate my emotions.

I hope that writing about her love will free myself from the uneasiness of being loved unconditionally, because the last thing her emotions give me is discomfort.

Since the birth of son number 3, I get asked, “Are you going to try for the girl?” And most of my responses have been, “let’s get this one out first,” while pointing to her belly. Or say, “We just had this one!” While holding our newest son. But due to the love bestowed upon me, by her, I would gladly try for the girl. I don’t see having another child as a reward for her loyalty towards me, but rather a gift we both can share, as I know that others would love to have a child of their own. And we are truly special to be able to produce another gift of life by having another baby.

Our love goes deeper than simply having kids. The roots dig inside our soul as we blossomed over the years. And I know that things won’t be perfect all day, everyday. Although, I wish I would stop being pessimistic about the good times and truly enjoy my position in this life and just assume that those days will be as perfect as the last. But the negative side of life seems to infiltrate my thinking, and I can’t help but feel the dread of something bad happening to thwart my happiness. I get more love then I reciprocate. Maybe negativity is truly the root of my problem. And what really grows more is the cynical side rather than an ever lasting and blossoming love. Nah, I don’t believe that. Life has offered me more and it is time to seize on it, to be truly grateful with the gift of life and the ability to give life back.

The children are just cherries on the sundae to this relationship that is healthy and happy. The negativity I produce within my own thinking should be casted aside before it grows roots. And I believe the love her and I share is strong enough to withstand any rooted negativity that has intertwined with us. I truly believe this, because I believe in her and with believing in her, well, trumps everything else. And I'm worthy of her love.

Captain Imperfecto being himself.  June 25, 2019.

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