Be in Your Very Own Story

I want to connect with my readers and subscribers to The adventures of Captain Imperfecto.

I have always been able to put two words together and write. My wife's' death has opened up a deep hole in my heart that I am pouring all my writing into. I have been asked on numerous occasions to sign a story that I have written and send it to an enthusiastic reader. Which, I have done without question and for free. And I will continue to do so when asked on my own work.

If your a fan of my writing and would like me to write a story for you and would like a custom story, tailored to you, a family member, significant other, wife, husband, child, spouse, or any one  for a special occasion or to remember a trip or special event in your life, or just a fantasy world click on the Design Your Story Submission Form.

You can also use the form from your smartphone. It's so simple. The form is easy to fill out and takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is give me a little information and a brief description of what you would like to see in your story and/or if you want to add someone with you on your adventure or people in your special memory. I will write a custom story just for you, a minimum of 500 words or more.

It will be written as real as my blogs. And published on The Adventures of Captain Imperfecto for free.

If you want a personalized copy of your story after it is written and published, custom printed and signed by me, mailed, or just a story written and emailed or mailed via post office then for a small fee (US) (if you just a written story it will be published online for free), via PayPal, your custom story can be sent to you.

Story custom printed, bound, and signed: $25.00 (US) includes shipping.

If you do not want it published, but would like a story written for you and mailed or emailed : $10.00 (US)
( I will give you excerpts of it before purchase for review)

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If you have any questions Contact Me. Please read the Design Your Story privacy policy.

Thank you.

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