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I am a recently widower father of two young sons. I grew up in the South Florida area. I have been a police officer for ten years. I am also an instructor at the local police academy. Like most parent(s) my sons mean everything to me.

I am documenting my ordeal from the urging of my friends and family, who feel that writing will be therapeutic and my skill to express myself in words can be put to good use in the hopes to help myself and others who are going through similar situations. In the meantime I am trying my best to provide my kids with the best quality care in a dual role as a father and mother.

Mimie and I also lost twin daughter, Sophia and Gabriella, in October 2006. Still born on the morning we were to give birth via C-section after going full-term. It was a complete shock to us both because they were healthy the day before.

I have added other writings such as Short Stories, Design Your Story Submission Form and Police Stories and other stories (Story Pages Tab) as a way to occupy my down time and keep my mind busy.

I will always honor my wife by documenting the new path the boys and I will travel by preserving the past, enjoying the present and anticipating the future. So that my sons will understand who their mother was and how we survived after her loss and to leave them a legacy of her and our survival without her.

I want Nico, my oldest son, and Christopher, the "baby" his nickname, to look back at this blog and view it as a time capsule of their life. We will never forget their mom. She will always be involved in our adventures.

My wife and I weren't perfect and we had trial and tribulations ourselves. I won't pretend that we lived in a happy world but we did our best as relationships go. We experienced the highs and lows of all marriages, but we did our best to be the best parents our kids could have even through our faults.

So, join us, my boys and I, on our new adventure's through life. I chose the name Captain Imperfecto because my life isn't perfect and won't be perfect. I will stumble, but I will do my best to give my kids a great life.  I will document things true to form. I won't hold back. My words are real. And yes there is and will be cussing. I want you, the reader, to feel our experiences and be a part of the words expressed on the pages that you read. I want you to smell, taste and feel the events and our adventures as they happen. I promise you, you will.

So what are you waiting for? Join the blog. Join the email subscription. All I ask is "Like" my blog on Facebook, my Fan Page for Facebook and retweet something that you find is special. I promise you, I will try to make each blog better then the last. Happy reading!

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