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A Mother's Love

 Mother's Day May 13th, 2012

Dedicated to Mimie, My Boys and Mom's Everywhere

Love is beginning to form in the womb as conception has just occurred. The mother closes her eyes the moment she knows the exact instant it happens. The zygote sends out amorousness through the mothers’ body’s central nervous system. The second it reaches the brain the mother knows she’s in love.

The baby starts to grow deep inside the mothers abdomen. Mom’s affection encapsulating the growth of her unborn love with each dawn of a new day.

She is the creator of life, to which the soul, that was just actualized, will always be held dear to her heart in life and in death.

With each passing day the love affair blooms like Cherry Blossoms blooming in early spring. The soon to be mother is affected by the endorphins that are sent out by the mortal being cultivated deep inside herself. As the baby grows, so does her baby bump showing the world that there is another life within her own.

Brain waves are shared between mother and child and the kinetic energy spread to one and other is intoxicating the senses with devotion and without compromise.

A mother thinks about nothing but the life form that is being raised inside her womb.

Her life will now be dictated by what is right by her love. By now her new love, that has a life, probably has a name. Doctors appointments and shopping are on the agenda to be prepared for what is truly, the only real birthday that we will never remember.

The months seem long so its easier to put them into weeks, because then the weeks leads to days, until the new arrival will come.

The love being reared, from the moment of conception, is now stretching and having hiccups. It is truly a blessing when you can feel these going ons inside of you, when others can only stand by and feel the vibration by placing their hand on the bubble in which the baby lays.

The days become restless and a nights sleep even less.

The uncomfortable feeling of not being able to roll on your side is comforted by the knowledge that soon she will meet the baby inside. The joy a baby has brought to a mother is not measured by the weight in which he or she will be born, but in the weight of the love they have exerted on her heart.

The unborn seed already bringing good things to their mom by allowing her to enjoy food with out prejudice and judgment. Ice cream and cake to pickles and fries to chocolate and candy. The baby has already brought the fun of being a kid back to their mom who might have forgotten what it was like to eat like a child again.

Mom begins to worry about what is and what will be, until the life emerges form the depths of her insides, presenting her the greatest gift she will ever have. In a sense a girls Red Ryder.

Classes are registered for, the excitment of hospital tours, and toy buying have begun. It is only a matter time now that she will meet the one growing inside.

In the hospital, mom will wait anxiously until she has her baby in hand.

Dad will wait by her side, but he will never fully understand what is about to occur because only a mothers love can understand that. The doctors buzz around and the family waits, but mom as been waiting longer. She will push with all her might because the need to see her new love is boiling over.

With all her love and strength the baby has come.

The baby and mother is united on the outside with a love that has just shattered everything else that is irrelevant. When she is presented with the person that was in side her, then she will know that God truly exists because only God could create something so perfectly fitted for her.

The tears flow from everyone, but the tears by baby and mother are the ones that matter. They are reunited after being a lifetime a part. No man can truly know the bond of something that is cultivated from inside the depths of you.

A life form evolving inside a woman as she goes about her daily life. Only a mom can truly understand that. That is why we always need our mom. 
When we are sick, mom understands.

When we fall, mom understands

When we fail, mom understands.

When we’ve been wronged, mom understands.

When we need love, mom understands.

A mothers bond is eternal and will never be lost. Not even in death because what the baby doesn’t know is that a mother has planted a seed of her own during the time the sperm fertilizes the egg.

The seed in the child will guide the baby throughout his or her life, guiding them by her heart and her will for them to succeed. A mother will never forget the purpose of life even in her passing because she created something so beautiful inside herself. That intern is everlasting hope and a legacy that will last generations.

A mothers love can never be extinguished by time or fate. Your true love is never lost nor is it forgotten . Its always there with you no matter where you go or what you do. It is the only love that can sustain the test of time.

Mom's love is forever lasting. It will encapsulate you now and forever.

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