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The Way Forward, Inspiration

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Nico and Christopher at the fair. January 21, 2023.

There are times that seem my struggles are insurmountable and I push whatever it is out of my mind as if it is going to eventually go away.  We all know that is not the case.  Those issues are there lingering, waiting, willing to rear its ugly head.  Yet, somehow I make it through.  I realign myself to prepare for the next month.  And so it goes as the time moves forward from days to weeks into months.  As long as I know there is a way forward I cannot fail.

But the way forward is a constant battle and there will be failure.  It is how I respond to my failure that makes me who I am.  One can’t sit back and assume the ends will meet without any effort put forth. You have to forecast what is coming up in the near future.  Unfortunately there really isn’t any saving for a “rainy day fund when there is bills that need to be paid, kids to be fed, and a loved one to care for.  The hustle never stops.

When I feel overwhelmed, and there are times that I do, I choose to win my battles of self-defeat by reinforcing my good qualities and repeating to myself my accomplishments up to this point.  And that accomplishment can be anything really.  I just walked around my house.  The power is on, I have food in the fridge, and my pantry is brisling with dry goods and snacks.  There is running water, my cell phone is active, and the Internet is A-Okay.  I feel as if I am winning. 

But what is winning, really?  Is getting by in life good enough to win?  Of course I would love to have the comfort that constant money provides to fund my future winning.  Cash in an account to pay for emergencies or supplies for the mid-week.  Have money to meet my colleagues out for lunch.  Give my kids an extra allowance for doing great school.  Give my wife money to get her hair and nails done.  Little things like that are helpful.  But winning is also typing this blog on my desktop computer inside my home in air-conditioned.  Those other things are minimal goals and a way to continue on my path forward. 

I don’t have to be grateful for every little minuet detail of my life.  Do I really pat myself for the necessities of life?  There is the whole Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs.  The sense of safety, love, belonging, self-esteem, are all parts of life.  Those are things that my parents instilled in me on forging a path forward to sustain my life and have a structure that can provide for my loved ones.  I’m grateful for my parents and school that provided this information of work ethic and responsibility for me so survive.  But I would love to do more than simply survive. 

Day in and day out, I hustle to survive in this world.  I am proud of my accomplishments and my survival skills to make it here to this moment.  But I realize there is so much more out there for me to do other than simply supplying myself with the basic needs of survival.   There is a whole life out there that beckons me to participate with it.  But month-to-month is not enough.  It is very important that I see what is on the horizon and find a way forward so that I too,can enjoy the finer things in life.   


Blake and Max. May 16, 2023. 

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